Sunday, June 14, 2009


Yesterday Laura and I participated in the Birders who Tweet, Blog, and Chirp New England event. It was one of those 'I will sleep good tonight events' (however had to get up early to do an annual BBS in the rain today but that is another story).

This is the second time I have physically met people that I have 'met' on Twitter. It is always fun meeting new people on bird outings, but this was special. What a wonderful day, the people were fantastic and we discovered some interesting birds.

Well those were pictures of some of the birds that were cooperative.
We saw Least Bittern, Mississippi Kite and Looooong looks at Upland Sandpiper.

An early and late picture of the group was easier to get!

Wonderful day!


  1. It was nice meeting you. A fun day for sure

    Dan (docforestal)

  2. Nice post! It was great meeting you! Sharon and I had a great time and hope we all can get together again sometime.